Are You a Highly Creative Person?

Do you have a sense of imagination that few seem to understand?

Have you ever been told that you are “too sensitive,” “think too much,” or are “too much of a perfectionist”?

Do you feel burdened by “too many interests” or go from project to project?

Many individuals do not realize that they are, in fact, creative and cannot understand why they have certain difficulties in their lives; and even those who are aware of their creativity often experience it, alternately, as a gift and a burden.

Luminous insights, a prolific flow of ideas and the ability to make meaningful connections lend to a rich interior life on one hand, while on the other, the experience of feeling overwhelmed by numerous ideas and projects, the sensory trials and emotional pains that accompany acute sensitivity, and the sense of feeling ‘different,’ than most others, can present burdens difficult to bear.

When left unattended, the existence of creative abilities can lead to an inability to find a suitable career or relationship, a general dissatisfaction with life and one’s self and the development of various psychological difficulties.  In essence, the inability to recognize, understand and manage the existence of creative abilities can lead to unnecessary confusion and hardship in establishing one’s life.

The Center for Creative Intelligence has developed a dynamic and integrative approach, to effectively respond to the specific needs and abilities of the highly creative person.

We believe your abilities deserve to be identified, valued and brought into effect for your benefit.  Liabilities can then be transformed into abilities, allowing you to become more the person you are meant to be.

If you wonder about, or struggle to establish your creativity in a meaningful way, you are not alone.

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In addition to our own research and professional experience, our approach synthesizes resources from several significant academic and practice-orientated fields of study, including:

  • Creativity and the creative process
  • Aptitude testing and research
  • Analytical psychology, (Jungian psychology), including personality types and the psychology of the unconscious
  • Performance psychology
  • ‘Gifted and talented’ characteristics and traits
  • Creativity and mental health research

Potential Goals – Areas for Work

Within the context of psychodynamic psychotherapy, career counseling and creativity consults, our work targets areas of most concern for highly creative individuals:

Personal Identity and Relationship Issues

Understand the reasons you may feel ‘different’ than most people
Appreciate your innate strengths and temperament, even when they may differ from societal norms
Cultivate a fulfilling interior life
Strengthen your ability to maintain a connection with the whole of your psyche
Identify relationships that support your intellectual, emotional and creative fulfillment

Creative Challenges

Deal effectively with your creative abilities instead of feeling overwhelmed by numerous ideas, interests and projects
Work with creative resistance; dissolve creative ‘blocks’ and self-sabotage
Gain conceptual clarity in project development
Bring your creative projects into implementation and on to completion

Career Development

Identify a vocational direction that is a satisfying match for your aptitudes and interests
Develop the skills and resources you need to bring occupational ‘blueprint’ to life in the real world
Dissolve a ‘high capability and underachievement’ gap
Take your professional or business venture to the next level of achievement

Peak Performance   

Cultivate positive expectancy
Activate and maintain ‘flow’
Develop concentration skills and emotional mastery
Identify strategies for tackling specific personal and professional challenges


Gain clarity with general life questions and in situational challenges
Replace compromises of the ‘false self’ with authentic decisions and goals
Transition into self-employment or your own creative enterprise
Acclimate to success, greater visibility and fulfillment

We hope to provide you with the knowledge, skills and inspiration you need to bring your abilities into the world in ways you may not have found possible before.

To see yourself and your abilities clearly…