Peak Performance

Greater achievement and a more completely developed sense of self may be among our greatest desires.  Adherence to peak performance principles allow for the development of self-mastery and the ability to produce the greatest effect with least effort.

At present, you may find a personal tendency or recurrent emotional – behavioral pattern interfering with your ability to perform at your optimal level.  You might feel anxious when faced with giving a performance or presentation, or simply want to be able to do your best each day and, in so doing, take yourself and your abilities to the next level of accomplishment.

Any personal or professional issues that may be blocking greater achievement are first given a thorough assessment.  Some of these factors may be well known to you.  Others may not be immediately obvious, or the underlying cause may be unclear. If the underlying cause is not clear, we will work to identify the source of the interference, block or self-sabotage at a ‘root’ level.  We then target your area(s) of difficulty with specific interventions to start moving you toward peak performance.

Underachievement may also occur when we are out of synch with the creative process and are unable to activate the state of flow, or optimal consciousness.  There is a big difference between regular states of consciousness and flow.

When we align our actions with foundational principles based on how things actually work, we can begin to experience greater enjoyment and increased satisfaction with our efforts.

When we know what the steps of the creative process are and how to engage with these steps, we know the right kind of action to take at the right time.  We are able to work with the creative process rather than inadvertently against it.  We also know the elements that are needed in order to enter flow and remain in flow on a more continuous basis.

Flow provides us with the qualities of experience we automatically desire – diminished preoccupation with self, a silencing of the inner critic, greater ease in problem-resolution, the ability to become deeply immersed in an activity that can become autotelic (having meaning and purpose in and of itself), effortless performance, a sense of timelessness and more.

Integrating the science of theory with the art of practice will allow you to tackle personal and professional challenges with the fullest use of your abilities and afford you the following benefits:

  • Positive expectancy
  • Emotional mastery
  • The development of deep concentration skills
  • Skills to activate the relaxation response as the entry point for flow
  • The ability to maintain flow when it matters the most, even under pressure
  • Greater access to your imaginative capacities
  • A spontaneous, improvisational feel to your work
  • An increase in positive synchronicities
  • Resiliency
  • Greater confidence in self-expression
  • Optimal performance
  • A sense of timelessness and inner peace

The replacement of self-defeating patterns and reticence with the ability to become deeply absorbed in a satisfying and productive activity allows for the cultivation of high technical proficiency and artistry as you manifest your work.

Glory is not found in golden prizes or gratified egos, but in the silent conquest of one’s self.  (Anonymous)