Creativity Self Test

Consider these Questions

Do you have a sense of imagination, which, it seems, few understand?

Identify a meaningful direction that is in true alignment with your strongest aptitudes.

Have you been told you “think too much,” or are “too much of a perfectionist”?

Enjoy your natural precision in thought, language and visual perception, including your ability to detect significant, minute differences.   

Do you find you have “too many interests” or go from project to project?

Bring creative projects from conceptual development to successful completion.

Do you frequently feel overwhelmed by the numerous ideas and projects you generate?

Cultivate ‘flow’ for greater peace of mind; accomplish more with less effort.

Do you tend to have difficulty with standardized tests?

Develop a better understanding of your own natural learning and working style.  

Are you often affected by environmental stimuli; bright lights, noises or other people’s moods?

Institute practices that mitigate sensory overload, enjoy your ability to experience sensory subtleties in your environment; colors, sounds, scents, textures, etc.

Have you been told you are “overly sensitive” or “too emotional”?

Acquire skills for regulating emotional intensity; appreciate your capacity for emotional depth and your ability to accurately ‘read’ the subconscious levels of communication.

Have you ever been told you are “too intense” or “too detached”?

Appreciate your own innate temperament, even when others may not understand. 

Do you feel you are on a different path than most people?

Develop the confidence to become progressively more authentic and expressive.

Do you have a sense of alone-ness or alienation because you feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled in everyday relationships and with much of mainstream culture?

Further your own creative projects within your own ‘creative space’.

Do people frequently ask you for advice while you feel there is no one who understands you?

Identify peer and mentor relationships that can offer reciprocity and true understanding.

Do you believe you are not becoming what you could be in your personal life or career?

Experience greater fulfillment and accomplishment with a more complete use of your ‘driving’ aptitudes and abilities.

Are these questions reflective of your own experience?

If so, you may have creative abilities that remain unidentified or under-supported.